Contemporary Texas: Selections from the Permanent Collection

through November 30, 2014

When the TMA made the decision to form a Permanent Collection, a pronounced emphasis was placed on collecting contemporary Texas art. Contemporary Texas: Selections from the Permanent Collection highlights close to 30 stellar works the Museum has acquired over the past few decades – including pieces by Terry Allen, David Bates, Vernon Fisher, Melissa Miller, James Surls and many other contemporary Texas artists.

Contemporary Texas provides a rare opportunity to view some of the most celebrated works from the TMA’s Permanent Collection together in a single exhibition, offering a glimpse into the Museum’s rich history and its indelible place in the Texas art scene over the past few decades.


Flow into the Mystic: Marriage and the Contemporary Artist

through February 1, 2015

The Lone Star State is home to phenomenal artists who create work that excites, challenges, and expands the minds of their audiences. Some of the most accomplished Texas artists live and work in East and North Texas. Just like the rest of us, they sometimes fall in love and marry.

When two artists marry, the art they produce either together or individually can be amusing or spiritual, vibrant or serene, but always connected in some way.

Flow into the Mystic features the work of six married couples – twelve artists who open their lives for us to share. The artists spotlighted are Jack and Vera Barnett, Gary and Daphne Hatcher, Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby, Benito Huerta and Janet Chaffee, Dewane and Alexis Serio Hughes, and James R. and Philana Oliphant Pace.